Party Planning

When you’re having a party, wedding, or a special event, and you need help determining what beverages to buy, and how much you’ll need for your guests, turn to our experienced and caring staff at Jewett’s Liquor. We have been helping customers get the products they need for events for over 55 years.

In that time, we have learned some valuable tips to help make sure your party guests never have an empty glass.

How Much Wine Should I Buy?

A general rule is to allow 2 glasses of wine per person for the first hour, and one glass of wine per person per every hour thereafter. So if you have 5 people in your party, you would need 10 glasses of wine the first hour, and another 5 glasses per hour thereafter.

It is also very important to remember that if the wine or liquor you’re serving is free, you run the risk of over serving your guests. It is helpful to pre-plan your strategy for dealing with someone who takes advantage of your generosity, and prevent any potentially dangerous incident from happening.

Wine and Meal Pairings

It can be a headache to plan what type of wine you should serve with the meal at your party. We have comprised some helpful suggestions of pairings that will make the choice easy and enhance the dining experience of your guests.

If you have any questions about wine pairings, or about how much wine or liquor to purchase, our staff is always available to assist you! Call us at 719-276-0643 or stop by our store in Canon City today!